Lawn and Turf Maintenance

Weekly Maintenance

Mowing and trimming for 29 weeks starting the third week of March.  Service includes weekly mowing, trimming and bi-weekly edging.  Our mower decks are set between 2 1/2″ to 3″ for maximum turf health and water retention.


Consists of pulling small cores of soil and turf from the lawn, resulting in better water penetration, oxygen circulation, and maximum root growth for thick, beautiful turf.  Ideally, this should be done three times per season; spring, summer and fall.

Turf Fertilization and Weed Control

Starting late Spring and weather permitting, we offer the first of 5 available fertilization treatments. The first, spring treatment contains a pre-emergent for early weed control. Following are three summertime turf treatments that promote green healthy turf, deep penetrating root growth, and weed control.  Finally, the winterizing treatment readies the grass for hibernation and the upcoming winter season.

Power Raking

Generally, this service is recommended every 2-4 years to remove naturally occurring thatch from the lawn.  Power raking allows water and nutrients to more readily be absorbed by your lawn and allows for new grasses to sprout.  We recommend this service to only be done in the early spring before grass has begone to grow.


Overseeding is a great way to infuse new grasses to tired and sparse lawns.  We use commercial overseeding equipment that penetrates the soil dropping new grass seed in the scored areas then covers the newly deposited seed with the existing soil and thatch.  We can overseed with commercial grass seed blends that need less water (after the seed has fully matured) and are less susceptible to disease.

Irrigation and Sprinkler System

Spring Activation

This service prepares the sprinkler system for the season and includes turning on the water to the system, a complete review of every zone and sprinkler head to ensure proper directional spray and coverage, and inspection for any leaks or problems that may have occurred over the winter.  We also set the controller/clock for the season.  One hour is included, parts are an additional charge.


Diagnose, recommend and repair any irrigation/sprinkler system issues to include; back flows, valves, poly, PVC and copper line breaks, controller/clocks, and wiring problems.

Mid-Season Irrigation Tune-Up

Starting the first week of July the Mid-Season Irrigation Tune-Up service includes; review the clock settings and adjust watering for the warmer months, run through each zone to ensure proper working order, adjust any nozzles for proper coverage, and use a head cleaning tool to trim around each head to ensure maximum coverage.  Note:  the pricing for this service is based on the number of zones and all parts and/or any repair labor will be billed at the standard rate – service is scheduled by appointment


We can design and install new irrigation systems as well as add to existing systems.


Winterization includes system water shut off, draining and blowing out lines and preparing the back flow for the cold winter months.

Backflow Preventer Inspection and Certification

ASSE certified technician will inspect and certify commercial and residential backflow preventers meeting the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment regulations.

Grounds Maintenance


This category of service can include weekly, biweekly or monthly weeding of garden beds, flower maintenance/deadheading, cleaning up and layering of ground covers such as mulch or river rock.  We also design and or install, plants, bushes, and trees.


Installation of sod in new yards and or removal of existing tired yards and new sod installed.  This includes ground preparation and soil amendments.

Ground Cover Installation and Refresh

Our Grounds Maintenance crew can install and/or refresh all mulch, rock, and breeze beds or walk ways.  In addition we can install and/or repair garden edging for a clean separation of bed areas. Schedule a meeting to review your job requirements and to get a quote.

Tree and Shrub Pruning

Pruning or shearing of shrubs, hedges and smaller trees to give a nice, neat appearance as well as uphold the health of the plants.  We cannot service trees larger than 15 feet.

Spring and Fall Clean-up

Both services include removal of leaves and other organic matter/debris from both the turf and garden bed areas.  Both services are dependent on weather.

Gutter Cleaning

We use powerful blowers to remove debris from gutters and valleys around the entire house.  We service 1 and 2 story properties only.

Fence Installation & Repair

The Clean Cut team can install an repair most types of fences (excludes rod iron and brick).  Give us a call for a review and quote.  No job is too big or too small!