Common Questions

  1. What height should I maintain my grass?

    Most Denver lawns are Kentucky bluegrass or a blend that contains Kentucky bluegrass.  The optimum height to maintain your lawn in the state of Colorado is between 2 1/2 to 3 inches.  This height will help retain moisture during the hot dry summer months.

  2. When should I turn ON my sprinkler system?

    We recommend waiting until the second week of April, weather permitting, to turn on your sprinkler system.

  3. When should I turn OFF and blow out my sprinkler system?

    We recommend waiting until approximately the second week of October to turn off and blow out your sprinkler system.  Optimally, it should be done before the first deep freeze of the season which usually occurs by the middle of November.  We schedule on a first-come first-serve basis so don’t wait until the last minute and be caught by the first freeze.

  4. How many weeks is your typical mowing season?

    Our mowing season is 28 or 29 weeks.  We typically start the third week of April and always end by the last week of October.

  5. What happens to my scheduled lawn mowing when it rains?

    There are times throughout the season wherein inclement weather wreaks havoc on your normally scheduled maintenance day.  If, during the regular mowing season it rains, that day’s clients would be moved to the next day.  We do our best to have everyone caught up by the end of the week so that the following week we can operate on normal schedules.

  6. When should I water my lawn based on my scheduled mowing day?

    We want your lawn to look its best after each mowing service.  Wet grass does not cut as well as dryer turf.  Because of this we ask that you do not water the evening before or the morning of your scheduled lawn service.

  7. Can you mow my lawn every other week if that’s what I prefer?

    We do not offer every-other week scheduling.  Lawns that do not get weekly maintenance have grass that is longer than normal and generally take our crew longer to cut and in most cases it does not look as good as if it were serviced weekly.

  8. Can I pick what day of the week I want your crew to mow my lawn?

    Unfortunately, mowing routes are based on geographic locations, grouped accordingly, and given a specific day of the week for servicing.  When you sign up for service we will let you know which day of the week we are in your neighborhood.