Season Calendar

2017 Calendar

Important Dates To Remember

Spring Clean-Up – starts the 3rd week of March and extends through the 2nd week of April (weather permitting).

Irrigation Activation – service starts mid-April – by appointment.

Mowing Season – starts the week of April 17th.

***** New Irrigation Service for 2017 *****

Mid-Season Irrigation Tune-Up – starting the first week of July we will; review the clock settings and adjust watering for the warmer months, run through each zone to ensure proper working order, adjust any nozzles for proper coverage, and use a head cleaning tool to trim around each head to ensure maximum coverage.  Note: the pricing for this service is based on the number of zones, all parts and any repair labor will be billed at the standard rate – by appointment.

End of Mowing Season – Oct. 25th to Oct. 31st – depending on your scheduled mowing day.

Irrigation Winterization – starts the 2nd week of October and extends through the 2nd week of November.  Service includes irrigation main shut off and drain, system blow-out, back flow adjustments and turning off or controller/clock.  Appointment scheduling is on a first come basis; don’t wait until the last minute!

Fall Clean-up – starts early November – we try to let as many of the leaves fall as possible before clean-up. Those stubborn trees whose leaves fall very late will be addressed in the spring clean-up.